Safety and Health Policy

Principles on which bases its activity Construcciones Otero for proper management of safety and health at work:

  • Promoting the occupational risks prevention inside the company.
  • Defining safe processes for everyone involved.
  • Eliminating or reducing the level of risk to workers.
  • Enforcing labor legislation.
  • Reducing errors that can lead to accidents and applying the measures required to prevent them.
  • In case of an accident, being able to react quickly.


Because we believe that people’s safety and health is a core value as well as risk prevention to improve the company competitiveness. Therefore, from the business management, we want to involve all of our staff and partners in the commitment to ensure the prevention labor risk in all our activities.


We ensure that all those involved in the development of a project…

  • They work with the knowledge of the risks.
  • They have the appropriate knowledge and training in safety and health as well as in risk prevention.
  • They have access to know their rights, obligations and responsibilities, through their staff representative.
  • They know the legal requirements on prevention of labor risk.
  • They have the proper technology to implement procedures in order to achieve an appropriate safety policy.
  • They compromise to prevent accidents, taking the responsibility of their own safety and health, as a collective.
  • They are involved in the continuous improvement of prevention labor risk.