Quality Policy

Principles on which bases its activity Construcciones Otero for proper quality management:

  • Understanding the clients’ needs, satisfying their requirements and fulfilling our clients’ expectations.
  • Achieving the deadlines and the economic conditions agreed.
  • Achieving the technical specifications required.
  • Enforcing the law.
  • Providing capacity for dialogue and flexibility to cope with the changes during the project’s development.
  • Providing the best solution in every case.
  • Reducing errors and improving the responsiveness to correct them.
  • Establishing mutual beneficial relations between our suppliers and subcontractors.


Because we want to guarantee the quality of our projects and it is the only way to address to our clients’ needs as well as the final users.

The quality management represents our greatest competitive advantage, and therefore we look for the commitment of our staff and partners with quality as a hallmark of the company.


We ensure that all those involved in the development of a project…

  • They are involved
  • They have the proper education and training and they know the procedures and the requirements to ensure the quality program.
  • They know their goals.
  • They have the technology and the appropriate tools.
  • In the process of the decision making, they turn the experience into agility and responsibility.
  • They face challenges with commitment.
  • They are committed to a continuous improvement.