Environment Policy

Principles on which bases its activity Construcciones Otero for proper environmental management:

  • Establishing the principles in the corporation that procure the respect for the environment.
  • Including the environmental considerations in the development of the projects.
  • Reducing the impact of the works using preventive measures.
  • Using on a rational way the building materials, the energy and the natural resources.
  • Preventing pollution thanks to a proper use and maintenance of the construction machinery.
  • Minimizing and managing the waste produced by promoting the reuse and the recycling.
  • We avoid the use of potentially hazardous materials to health or to the environment.
  • To ensure compliance with environmental regulations.


Because we want to contribute with the sustainable development by implementing responsible practices with the environment. A proper environmental management is essential to enhance the competitiveness of the company as well. Therefore, from the business management, we involve our staff and partners in the commitment to reach our environmental policy all over our activities.


We ensure that all those involved in the development of a project…

  • They develop their activities with a great respect to the environment.
  • They know very well their environmental objectives and goals.
  • They have an environmental education and they know the procedures applied.
  • They know the environmental laws.
  • They have the technology and the appropriate tools.
  • They are committed to a continuous improvement of the environmental performance.