Ayllon introduce its new corporate image to its company

The past December 18, 2015, Ayllon presents, internally, its new corporate image. All the staff and shareholders were there, in a ceremony inaugurated by Enrique Otero, Otero Construction Manager, and subsequently presented by D. Francisco Requena, Director General.

23 December, 2015|

HVAC Maintenance services in the Official College of Doctors in Granada

Ayllón will begin maintenance and installation of the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) facilities in the Official College of Doctors in Granada. We continue to strengthen the company´s presence in the maintenance and installation market, specifically Ayllón will be supervising the maintenance and installation of the air conditioning units in the new headquarters of the [...]

16 December, 2015|

EcoXpert Network successful case: Manantia and Ayllón Energy Experts

Doing businness in an energy efficiency oasis Manantia Eco Business Centre is the first business center in Granada with an A+ Energy Rating Metayllón Energy Experts, the company attached to Schneider Electric EcoXpert Network, has implemented an energy efficient solution based on a regulation and control system integrated with KNX technology It has reduced [...]

10 December, 2015|

Installation delivery of centralized control facilities of the thermal center of the San Agustín Hospital in Linares

The installation is about the monitoring and control of the cold, heat and steam generation facilities, ACS by thermal and conventional solar power and a third generation engine. From the BMS software the whole installation can be controlled. This control facility let the hospital automatize the thermal power supply, in both cases heating, air [...]

23 November, 2015|

Green-Twinning project visits Manantia Eco Business Centre

Last September 27th, a delegation of Greek technicians from "Sun City" Ilioupoli, visited Manantia Eco Business Centre. This building was promoted, designed and built by Construcciones Otero, which includes systems of active and passive control and as renewable energy generating facilities and water recycling. This visit was a part of Green Twinning project, focused on [...]

30 September, 2013|