Doing businness in an energy efficiency oasis

      • Manantia Eco Business Centre is the first business center in Granada with an A+ Energy Rating
      • Metayllón Energy Experts, the company attached to Schneider Electric EcoXpert Network, has implemented an energy efficient solution based on a regulation and control system integrated with KNX technology
      • It has reduced energy consumption per square meter by 43%

Solution developed: Regulation system and control via KNX

Manantia began using passive and active energy efficiency solutions in its building, that have lead to becoming the most innovative and sustainable building in Granada. To carry out this project, Metayllón Energy Experts, company attached to Schneider Electric EcoXpert Network, was responsible for the development, design and implementation of energy efficient solutions, through a regulation and control system integrated with KNX technology.

The control system was designed to meet four basic needs. First, we sought to minimize the loss of energy efficiency arising from improper use of the building.

Second, it became a priority to maximize the use of natural resources like light or temperature. Furthermore, the possibility of carrying out a non-automatic control when necessary and getting real-time data of energy consumption in the various facilities. Based on these requirements, Metayllón Energy Experts implemented an automatic control system, mainly based on motion and brightness detectors, as well as sensors of different comfort levels.

A regulation and control system was implemented with KNX in the lightning, air conditioning and security efficient installations so that motion and light detectors send information to the controllers in charge of the system.

Thanks to this system, the building offers a perfect integration in the automatization of all of its installations, ensuring the maximum use of efficiency mesures applied in its construction.

Thanks to the solutions implemented, the building has registered a reduction of 43% of energy consumption per square meter compared to the consumption of similar companies. However, the building still has not reached the optimum working parameters. We have to highlight, that we have reached this energy efficiency maximization keeping our high comfort level in the building.

The key factor in a EcoXpert solution

Metayllón Energy Experts is attached to EcoXpert Network, the first specialized business network in energy efficiency solutions in renewable energies. The EcoXpert programme, which began to be implemented in late 2011, aims to provide its members with the tools, such as coach or training, so they can be at the forefront of the most promising solutions.

Companies, that are part of the EcoXpert Network, share a common philosophy linked to energy efficiency solutions and renewable energies. Nomeí Sobrino, head of EcoXpert programme, explains that “EcoXpert is a badge that recognizes the installation quality and efficiency, under the confidence by Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and energy effciency”.