Last September 27th, a delegation of Greek technicians from “Sun City” Ilioupoli, visited Manantia Eco Business Centre. This building was promoted, designed and built by Construcciones Otero, which includes systems of active and passive control and as renewable energy generating facilities and water recycling.

This visit was a part of Green Twinning project, focused on the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (PAES). The project is intended for the districts with experience in these kind of plans (PAES) (these districts are selected through agreements between the Agencia Energética de la Ribera and the Agencia Provincial de la Energía in Granada), they can lead other who are inexperienced so that they are able to put into practice the Pacto de los Alcaldes.

At the moment, this is a very interesting project in Europe, due to the new European construction regulation, that is increasingly restrictive with energy consumption buildings.